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Soil Physical Analysis

[SF-001]  INTE-ISO/IEC 17025 quality system

{SF-002]  Technical Aptitude Program (PAT)

[SF-003]  Union affiliations

Our team of professionals ensures that you comply with all legal requirements for sampling, analysis and reporting; compliance withRegulation of Discharge and Reuse of Residual Water(Decree No. 33601 MINAE-S)

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Agrotec Analytical Laboratories offers a complete range of analyzes and services that allow producers, agronomists, consultants, exporters and agricultural researchers to obtain the necessary data and references to ensure a high and effective yield in their production; Likewise, these services provide them with the necessary weapons to combat and solve nutritional problems and diseases of their crops.

The services to agricultural producers provided by Agrotec Analytical Laboratories are:

  • Soil chemical analysis

  • Physical analysis of soils

  • Microbiological soil analysis

  • Chemical analysis of substrates and culture media

  • Physical analysis of substrates and culture media

  • Leaf chemical analysis

  • nematological analysis

  • Phytopathological tests

  • Chemical analysis of fertilizers and amendments

  • Chemical analysis of manure, sludge and compost

  • Water analysis

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