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The Initial Vision

We have believed in ourselves since the 60s and now others believe with us

The origin of our laboratory



The foundations of our company were laid in the mid-1960s when the Dr Joseph Mullins consolidates a small scientific initiative in Berkeley, California whose objective was to  launch innovative diagnostic techniques on the market to assess organic and inorganic substances. Not unlike many companies that start with a few dollars, a good idea, and a small group of scientists, it has become an institutional mandate that has left a legacy of expertise in science and science management.

Dr. Joseph A. Mullins
June 15, 1936 - March 28, 2017

Our heritage and purpose, since its inception in the 1960s, has been driven by an overwhelming discipline of demonstrating, fostering, and developing expertise in a wide range of analytical techniques. Our motivation has always been to acquire knowledge of chemical and biological compositions and properties, both of organic and inorganic components. Our mantra has always revolved around delivering innovative solutions and relevant practical applications of science. Scientists and engineers from among our ranks have contributed fundamental advances in chemistry solutions and analytical techniques that solve great challenges.


In 1972, Dr. Joseph Mullins establishes Biological Services of Costa Rica. The company is dedicated to experimentation with mixed plantations in order to propose options for improving the use of natural resources. The objective was to provide leadership in the transfer of knowledge, research and the responsible use of natural resources in the tropics. To fulfill this mission, Biological Services of Costa Rica forged working relationships and cooperation with scientists from the United States and Europe, private researchers, development initiatives and local colleagues, who shared an interest in strengthening education and research on topics of tropical biology, soil science, and organic and inorganic chemistry.


Microchem Testing Labs, predecessor company of Agrotec Analytical Laboratories, founded Reno, Nevada in 1981, was created to provide specialized analytical tests and technical support services to scientists conducting chemical research aimed at improving methodologies, tools and quantitative models for the evaluation of mineral and mineral resources of the environment. The service offering is geared towards the areas of geology, environment and natural resources for a diverse group involved in the mining industry, enabling a scientific understanding of earth processes and providing a scientific basis for planning decisions. of land use that affect federal lands in the US and in the design of exploration strategies for the mining industry.



In 1992, Dr. Joseph Mullins establishes his laboratory in Costa Rica to support diagnostic and consulting services for tropical crops, offering analytical services in soil, plant tissue, pathology, fertilizers, and water analysis under the concept of a satellite laboratory. to specifically assist agriculture in the tropical zone of the World Cup.


In 1993, Microchem merged with other scientific initiatives dedicated to assisting growers, consultants, and agricultural researchers with advisory and analytical services;  the purpose, to expand their experience and professionalism and put it at the service of agriculture in the tropics. The initiative is consolidated with the opening of Agrotec Laboratorios Analíticas SA, a legally independent entity.


Agrotec Analytical Laboratories begins operations in February 1994 offering independent soil testing and plant tissue analysis to producers of agricultural and horticultural crops throughout Latin America. Backed by a group of scientists with more than 75 years of accumulated experience in the interpretation of analytical data. The consulting and laboratory testing services have been an essential source of information for the efficient and responsible management of the companies and initiatives of its clients.


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