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Precision and excellence: Agrotec's CMA-certified laboratory sets the standard

Agrotec exemplifies an unwavering global commitment to uncompromising quality standards in its agricultural and environmental analysis services. At the heart of this commitment is its Wuhan laboratory, a testament to measurement accuracy and reliability for agricultural and environmental sciences. This laboratory stands as a shining example of Agrotec's dedication to excellence, as it has the prestigious China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) certification. Rigorously tested and endorsed by regulatory authorities, CMA certification validates laboratory compliance with strict precision and reliability benchmarks in agricultural and environmental analyses. Customers around the world can rely on Agrotec's Wuhan laboratory for accurate and reliable analysis in the fields of environmental science, reaffirming Agrotec's position as a leader in the agri-environmental and agri-science sectors and a champion of the guarantee of quality worldwide.

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Agrotec YiHi CMA seal

In the field of laboratory analysis, the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) Quality System certification assumes a fundamental role in maintaining the precision, reliability and excellence of the measurement results generated within our laboratories test and calibration. This certification has particular significance for our laboratory, where a variety of analytical efforts spanning the chemical, physical, biological, and environmental sciences are conducted. The journey to obtain CMA certification for our analytics services follows a well-structured path:

  1. Application and Documentation: Our laboratory begins the process by submitting a complete application to the relevant Chinese regulatory body. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of our laboratory operations, testing methodologies, equipment usage, staff experience, quality management systems, and pertinent documentation.

  2. Method evaluation: Rigorous scrutiny is used to assess the scientific validity and compliance of our analytical methods with established standards. Our documentation, procedures, and methodologies are scrutinized for accuracy and reliability.

  3. Testing and Proficiency: Our laboratory participates in proficiency testing and interlaboratory comparisons, a practice that measures our performance against other accredited laboratories. This exercise substantiates our ability to produce precise and accurate results on a consistent basis.

  4. Quality Management System: Our quality management system undergoes extensive assessment to ensure alignment with global standards, particularly ISO/IEC 17025. Factors such as control documentation, staff training, equipment maintenance, and corrective action. to strengthen our competence in testing and calibration.

  5. Site Visit and Inspection - Regulatory authorities conduct on-site inspections to validate the synchronization of our facilities, equipment and practices with CMA certification benchmarks. This meticulous evaluation affirms our ability to sustain meticulous and reliable analyses.

  6. Certification Issuance – Upon successful completion of prerequisites and assessments, our laboratory earns the esteemed CMA certification for our testing services. This award confirms the precision, methodologies and results of our laboratory, underlining our commitment to achieve and maintain high standards of quality and precision.

  7. Ongoing monitoring and renewal: Our CMA-certified laboratory is subject to continuous monitoring and regular audits to ensure unwavering adherence to required quality standards. Timely recertification highlights our sustained alignment with regulations and commitments to excellence.

CMA certification, an integral part of our laboratory analysis, serves as the cornerstone of quality assurance and regulatory alignment. It instills trust among our valued customers, regulators, and stakeholders, affirming the reliability and usefulness of our analytical findings for informed decision-making, research, product testing, and various applications. As a dynamic field influenced by evolving regulations, we remain committed to staying abreast of the latest insights from Chinese regulatory authorities and quality assurance bodies to uphold the standards supported by CMA certification.

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Agrotec YiHi Quality Certificate


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