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Our Quality Declaration

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quality principle

Agrotec Analytical Laboratoriesis governed by a principle of quality that is based on a commitment to provide the best analysis services for our clients, making available the widest range of services available. We maintain a broad and extensive quality assurance program, with highly qualified personnel and access to the best and most sophisticated scientific instruments.

The Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) programs at Agrotec are designed to evaluate and minimize errors and thus guarantee the accuracy of the results in all phases of laboratory analysis. A QA/QC officer directs the programs and ensures the correct reception and handling of samples, the choice of the most appropriate reference methods, and the reliability of the action procedures aimed at generating analytical data of the highest quality.

Ten basic premises that guarantee quality:

  1.  Everyone participates actively and every day with the quality. Quality Assurance is not something special that is done periodically, it is done every day, in all procedures, in all samples.

  2.  We don't make assumptions; we check everything.

  3.  We are responsible for what we do(not management, not head office, not my supervisor, not top management).

  4.  We keep records. All relevant quality data and controls are recorded.

  5.  Quality is not something extraor something nice, but it is the foundation of everything we do.

  6.  Bad data is worse than no data.

  7.  Nothing is perfect. We are aware of the limits, that is, the good or bad of the reagents, methods, data, etc.  We don't keep it to ourselves, we share our observations with everyone so they are aware of the limits too.

  8.  Opinions don't count here- where are the facts?

  9.  Quality problems are not fate. They have causes and can be corrected.

  10.  We try to have all the documentationnecessary to be able to repeat a test.

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