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Laboratory tests and technical field services helping our clients to produce more efficiently and in harmony with the environment.


Quality trajectory, we have an extensive offer of analyzes specialized in measuring pesticides and heavy metals to a wide range of matrices.



We help our clients improve the environment, meet their environmental obligations, and characterize or remediate contaminated sites.



Beyond being an analytical laboratory, we stand as a strategic partner empowering water works organizations in their dedicated stewardship.

The laboratory that makes the difference


It all starts with sampling.
A well-developed sampling design plays a critical role in ensuring that the data is sufficient to draw the necessary conclusions. 


Commitment to analytical quality.

Analytical methods, including extraction and cleanup methods, that correspond to the matrix of interest for the level of interest that aligns with decision threshold requirements.


Functional analytical results.

Our results are based on our clients. Easy-to-understand reports with a support network behind each report. We stand behind all of our analytics.

Technical Advice

Technical support throughout the process. 

Our analyzes are backed up with a wide range of advice and technical support; In addition to having  the necessary experience, we support ourselves with computer tools.

Information of interest

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Our services

Agricultural analyzes

Pesticide residue analysis

Analysis of environmental contaminants

Agricultural extension services

Investigation services

Environmental engineering services

Sampling services

Inter-laboratory analysis

Quality commitment
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